Guest Bloggers

Thank you for your interest in writing a guest post! We are excited about featuring a variety of voices here.

Who Can Guest Post? We’re happy to look at short proposals or completed posts from community members, students, volunteers, service providers, etc.

What Should Posts Look Like? We aim to keep feminism accessible and interesting. Posts for the blog need to be in line with our feminist philosophy, short and concise (generally between 100 and 500 words), illustrated (with a graph, figure, photograph, advertisement, video clip, or other visual), with a limited number of take home points (between one and three is ideal).

How Are Comments on My Post Moderated? Please be aware that comments are
only very lightly moderated. Because one of our goals is to engage our community in thoughtful discussion, we delete only comments that are hateful, threatening or mean-spirited toward other commenters or groups.

What is the Process? Connect with us about an idea you have and then submit your post. We’ll make sure it is suitable for the blog and if needed, support you to make any edits prior to posting.

Thanks again for your interest in contributing a guest post!

Submit your idea or post to:

admin (at) secstory (dot) com


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