Programs & Services

Friendly Listening & Support:

Women are offered the opportunity to find their own answers to problems and questions by non-directive questioning (and similar) techniques. Listening to someone who needs to talk provides a crucial early intervention and preventative service. Knowledgeable staff members provide one-on-one confidential support.

Crisis Support:

We work with women in crisis to help solve immediate problems and to provide follow-up support after the crisis.


We know the services available in Lunenburg and Queen’s Counties, and can refer women who need the services or supports of other agencies.


If a woman requests emotional and physical support when dealing with issues, Centre staff may accompany her to court or to appointments with other agencies.


We offer relevant programs and workshops to meet the needs of women in the mmunity.

Social Advocacy:

We act as a voice for the needs and issues of women to governments and service agencies.

Volunteer Development:

We welcome volunteers because of the skills and experience they bring. Benefits for volunteers include work experience, increased skills, improved self-image, social action, and an opportunity to overcome possible social isolation.


We provide, as much as feasible, services and programs to women and their families who are isolated by travel distance and travel costs. Programs may be offered in communities outside of Lunenburg.

Community Development:

We are involved in the social and economic support of our community. SSWC staff members work with women in their community to identify problems and mobilize skills to develop responses to pressing issues.

A Meeting Place:

We provide a comfortable meeting place for women.

A Resource Centre:

The Centre maintains up-to-date resources and information.


SSWC is a base for women’s networking.


We can provide organizational assistance and space for groups and individuals when their planned activity is relevant to SSWC objectives.


We serve as an initiator of, and a clearinghouse for, communications on women’s issues.

Access to Technology:

Women are able to familiarize themselves with technology in a non-formal environment.


SSWC documents the reality of women’s lives in Lunenburg County, including original research on issues that relate to local women.

Healing room:

If you’re looking for stress reduction, relaxation, relief from pain, or simply a way to treat yourself, the Healing Room offers free introductory sessions in a variety of healing practices. Practitioners are at the Centre on a volunteer basis. Staff can provide information about any of the healers, and help you make an appointment time.


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